Inner School

Enneallionce - School for Inner Work
Enneallionce - School for Inner Work
“An Inner School is a university of the soul. In that place students acquire the abilities they need to traverse the manifold inner landscapes. In the heart of this inner world the student finds the Self. Recognizing this Self is the ultimate happiness on earth.”   
OM C. Parkin

In the year 1995, OM C. Parkin founded the Enneallionce – School for Inner Work, whose purpose it was at first to impart knowledge about the Enneagram cosmology to the students of the Inner Path using it as an instrument to teach Inner Work. During the last 20 years the school has grown into an Inner School, which teaches the students the universal inner knowledge of the wisdom traditions combining this knowledge with the findings of modern depth psychology. The fundamental question is: What is man?*In addition, the Enneagram of Character Fixations serves as a tool to unveil the subconscious organizational structures of the human mind and the resulting distortions of reality.

“People do not suffer from reality, but rather from their loss of reality.“ 
OM C. Parkin

Inner work is a synonym for inner practice: Practices of awareness training (seeing the concealed), small self-inquiry, Chi practice, meditation, philosophical studies. These practices of inner training – which are similar to Gurdjieff’s method of the Fourth Way - involve all planes of human existence, the Three Brains, with the purpose of transforming trinity into unity.

Since 2007 the Enneallionce – School for Inner Work consists of an outer and an inner circle. In the outer circle the Enneallionce offers the exploration group “Trilogy of Inner Work”, continuing groups of Inner Work and various events and lectures. 

The heart of the Enneallionce – School for Inner Work is the Mystery School, essentially guided by OM C. Parkin himself and representing the inner (non-public) circle, where students enter into an inner commitment towards the teacher.

“A Mystery School is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of man (...). By understanding these mysteries, the student comprehends (…) his ultimate oneness with God. “
(Grace F. Knoche from the book “The Mystery Schools”)

In the year 2010 Enneallionce – School for Inner Work found its home at the manor house Gut Saunstorf – Place of Stillness. This venue was designed by OM C. Parkin to fulfill the needs of a setting for an integral, inner practice. A sacred place: outwardly generous and inwardly withdrawn.  

Meanwhile there are several Enneallionce teachers trained by OM C. Parkin. Together with him or on behalf of him and under his supervision they guide events of the Enneallionce – School for Inner Work at Gut Saunstorf as well as at other places at home and abroad.

“True transformation does not ultimately happen through certain secret practices, but the revelation of a still mind. In Zen it is the state of Mushin, the no-mind, the mind without mind. The mindless mind. Ultimately, the work is dedicated to this turning inwards into the inner stillness. To taste incessantly from this stillness, it is vital to pass through the inner storm that may temporarily be raised through the inner work. Since calm is before the storm. Stillness manifests after the storm.”  
OM C. Parkin