Foundation Gut Saunstorf - Place of Stillness


Gut SaunstorfPlace of Stillness is a non-profit foundation and regards itself as a conceptual sponsor of the modern non-denominational monastery of the same name. It is a place for retreat for people seeking the truth, a school for research and teachings of the inner science, a place that unites teacher, teachings and community in a lively manner. Art and culture are at home here as well.

The foundation Gut SaunstorfPlace of Stillness strives to make this place accessible for many seekers.

Thanks to donations and contributions from the foundation so far, it has been made possible –without any bank loan- to restore the manor house in its present day shape, to recultivate the park and develop it creatively. For more than 10 years the foundation has succeeded to realize the heartfelt desire of the donors.

Board: Om C. Parkin, Dr. Rüdiger Porep, Markus Meier
Advisory Board: Elvira Schneider, Dr. Burkhardt Müller, Johannes Spath