Gut Saunstorf - Ort der Stille
The Large Sangha

Buddha, Dharma, Sangha – Teacher, Teachings, Community – these are the three pillars of the path of knowledge.

For millennia and across all cultures nothing has changed the three pillars of the path of knowledge. Humans have always come together in communities to find the truth, themselves and God. The wish to grow and mature, to develop a potential freed from limitations, to see the truth and to live a life in truth brings people together. In former times mainly monastery communities walked the spiritual path. These days there are communities with an awakened spiritual teacher living and learning in monastery-like communities.

The community at Gut Saunstorf – Place of Stillness  is a living organism. The core of the community are the students of the inner path with OM C. Parkin. There are also people who were guided by their heart to join the community without initially being close students of OM.  “Being alone in community” is the koan determining life here.

You are welcome here with your wish for encounter in love and truth. On the path people in the community are for one another teachers and learners at the same time. The Sangha is open for those who want to engage themselves and get involved.

You can simply be a guest or come as a karma yogi and work in the house or in the big garden/park. At the same time you have the opportunity for an intensive encounter with the teachings in Darshan with OM, inner work in single sessions or groups, body work, philosophical dialogues and daily meditation. The place of stillness invites to approach what Born to be. means: a living state of being.