Gut Saunstorf - Ort der Stille
Academy for inner science

The „Academy“ hosts events that are of great importance in the field of Born to be.

It is a forum of inner science which is gaining increasing significance at Gut Saunstorf - Place of Stillness and characterizes this place.

Generally, academy means a place for promotion of science and research, an association of scholars, artists and poets. The term “academy” is derived from the place of the school of philosophy founded by Plato that was located near the grove of the Greek hero Akademos in Athens.  

The foundation Gut Saunstorf - Place of Stillness initiates events with spiritual teachers and spiritual masters taking place at Gut Saunstorf each year. These events provide the opportunity to explore and deepen the understanding of topics linked to the inner path.

Lectures and encounters with researchers of the outer science are organized here also.

A model of the human mind as taught in the Enneagram training involves an exploring encounter with oneself and others. This exploration happens in service of the truth, the knowledge and the self - a good beginning for a living academy at the Place of Stillness.

Self exploration is the inner science. It unveils the inner abundance that is far beyond any imagination.”
OM C. Parkin