At Gut Saunstorf, the vision of a spiritual centre is realised, in which Western and Eastern wisdom, free of any religious attachment, is being taught and used therapeutically. This place of retreat is dedicated to the teaching, to study, meditation and contemplation and also to healing body experience. The monastic atmosphere here creates a holy place. Who enters it opens for something new. He takes off his shoes, becomes quiet, is careful with other people and objects and eats silently.

Works of art are inspiring, they come from different religions, whose core is the eternal philosophy, a universal teaching that is always valid. It is transmitted by wisdom teacher OM C. Parkin. A spiritual master like him has followed the path to the very end. Knowing about the inner accesses and dead ends, he accompanies people accurately on their way to themselves.

More than 45 of his disciplesĀ  work and live as a community in Saunstorf and nearby. They meet regularly, accompany each other in self-inquiry and thus follow the deep wish for self-knowledge.

You are welcome to the modern monastery Gut Saunstorf, as a seeker, learner, researcher, co-worker or simply as a guest.